Docker is changing the world of virtualization and has become an integral part of many modern principles of software development and operations to build, pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container. Docker is the most common containerization software in use today. While other containerizing systems exist, Docker makes container creation and management simple and integrates with many open source projects.


Introduction to Docker in context of a microservice architecture

Introduction into Docker and why Docker is revolutionizing the work of developers and operations in context of a microservice architecture.

Presenter: Vadim Bauer, 8gears AG

Duration:30-45 Minutes

Docker and its ecosystem

The ecosystem around Docker is the main reason for Dockers popularity. Georg is going to give you an overview on how everything should play together.

Presenter: Georg Kunz, CloudGear

Duration:30-45 Minutes

Docker monitoring in the wild at Swisscom

Presenter: Brian Christner, Swisscom

Duration:30-45 Minutes


Introduction to Docker

Docker monitoring